HostOften is a Nova Scotia Property Management Company specializing in Airbnb listings. We offer full service management, and simple turnover service. Everything is covered from listing creation and optimization, to 24/7 guest communication. We are very excited about the sharing economy and an increase to tourism in Nova Scotia!

Rent us your home for a guaranteed monthly income. HostOften leases homes directly from the homeowner with permission to host short term guests. This saves your home from the heavy uses of a typical long term tenant. 

In this scenario HostOften assumes the responsibilities of a long term tenant and property manager without charging a management fee. There are no unexpected surprises. At the end of the lease the home is returned in the same immaculate condition that it was received… or better!


I’m passionate about Airbnb and the possibilities it creates. Beginning with my own properties and gradually expanding, I’m consistently doing market research to help optimize every listing. I have relationships with hosts who have had thousands of guests and I love sharing their experiences, good and bad. I would be nothing without my team and am fortunate to be working with such deidicated people. Don’t hesitate to email with any questions. I would be happy to set up a call or visit your place, free of charge and talk to you about its potential and share my experiences.

Sid Kosatsky, Founder


Nova Scotia photos by Kathy Crassweller of Seabright, NS